Sooooo This happened

Funny story, okay not so funny but when I imagine watching it happen it is pretty freaking funny.  Cartoons in my head play it out without the pain and injury though.

My good friend and neighbor Cyndi has a cute little ball of energy named Bruce.  Bruce is really dynamite in a small but powerful body he is a Boston Terrier mix and 100% muscle.  We have a Big ol’ Baby Rottweiler who although he is only 10 months old he is around 100-115 lbs.  We get the boys together a few times a week to play and run off a little of the excess energy, usually this is great fun to watch as they run, roll around and play hard.  They really do play hard and now I know how hard.

Cyndi and I were talking at the fence, the boys were running and tumbling having a great time.  I had dinner on the stove so I turn to go back in the house, I got about 20 feet and BOOM!!  They both slammed into the outside of my left knee and we all went down.  Of course they thought that when I hit the ground it was to play and I spent the next few minutes trying to fight off the slobbering, licking and excited puppies all the while Cyndi is on the other side of the fence yelling and trying to get them off me.  She got their attention and they leave me, I get half way up, my hands and feet on the ground in some weird Twister pose and BAM Leos head connects hard with mine and I am down again.  Uninjured this would have been just a little bit of puppy roughhousing but in this case not so fun.  I did finally get up and hobble into the house, finish dinner and then prop of my leg.

Spent most of yesterday at Urgent care and now am waiting for MRI to be scheduled and will see my Dr. next week.

Almost everything for the clubs came in this week, I am hoping to get up and working on it by late next week, planned to work on it yesterday and today but as you can see that didn’t happen.  I love the yarns and fibers for this round, hope all the club members do too!


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