Playing with some new yarns.

One of the perks of being a yarn dyer is getting to play with the yarn before it goes out the door.  In the last couple of months I have been playing with 3 different new yarns.  2 DK wt and 1 Aran wt yarns and I like them all.

Dyed after knitting.

I knit the Linney Cardigan for my daughter, one of these days I will get her to model it for some good pictures but till then this picture will have to do.  This very quick and fun knit was designed by the Savory Knitter, Amy Christoffers.  I truly enjoyed knitting this cardigan and really got a lot of use out of the knitting backwards class I took from Leslie Thompson of the Knit Girlllsat SSK this past summer.  I knit the cardigan with undyed yarn and then dyed to Emily’s specifics after it was completed.  I considered actually painting on it, flowers or  shapes, but Emily vetoed me, she wanted a sweater she could wear with anything.

Enda sweater

The Linney was knit in the new Aran wt. she (the yarn) has been named Buxom Grrl and I will soon dye some for the shop.  I do have a dilemma though, how many to dye in each color or to just offer to dye sweater quantities by request.  I enjoyed it so much that I started another sweater with it as soon as I finished the cardigan.  The Enda sweater by Alice Starmore and I am really enjoying working on it, this will be my husbands first sweater by me.

Back of hose

Back of hose / Manly Socks

There is a little more to why I am knitting this sweater for Bob, I am knitting it to go with the Kilt I got for him a few weeks ago.

I also started a pair of Kilt hose, Bob hates when I call them hose “NO, they are very Manly socks”  he says,LOL.  The “socks” are designed by Anne Carroll Gilmour of Wildwest Woolies and the pattern is He’ mo Leananmeaning ‘Hey my Love’  which I find very appropriate.

Front of manly socks

Front of manly socks

I am knitting the kilt hose out of a new SW Merino DK, yet to be named, I am loving it.  As you can see the stitch definition is wonderful and shows all the details of the cabling beautifully.


What will be

What will be

All of you that joined in the Tempted’s Pin-up fiber club either have your kit or it is on it’s way to you now.  I am so happy that I got to get it out to you early and I do hope you all enjoy it a great deal.  I am hoping to get started on the yarn club soon and considering that there are nearly 200 members it may take a while.  I am such a push over, just couldn’t tell anyone no.

The reason I have had a lot of knitting time this past week is not such a good one.  Last Monday I started having pain in my upper abdomen and back by Wednesday it was so bad that Bob had to take me to the ER.  After an abdominal CT they discovered that I have Pancreatitis.  They have me on pain meds and I have an appt. with a specialist tomorrow I am hoping for a simple and easily fixable reason for the flare up.  Wish me luck.


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