Pin-up Beauties Yarn and Fiber club comes to an end

What a long and crazy club (s) it has been.

It has now been a year since my better half was diagnosed with colon cancer and we have a had a heck of a year.  I am not putting this out there to whine or complain but to explain.  I am not much for covering up ugly things or looking for sympathy and in this post I am not looking to do either, just tell it like it is.

Bob and I met 15 + years ago after we had each been through our own ugly ends to previous marriages, is there any other kind.  We both came through our trials knowing what we wanted for the remainder of our lives, the health of our children, honesty, love and  happiness.   Of course happiness is not always something that comes easy and the whims of health can make it difficult to come by.  We were tested by cancer 12 yrs ago and were victorious and this past year we were tested once again and we have come through it together.  Bob has  fought a valiant battle and has again come out the victor, I am so grateful and proud of his refusal to let it discourage him, let alone beat him. That battle, which for me meant watching the man I love go through surgeries, recovery, emergency rooms, chemotherapy and all the horrible side effects that go with it, was standing by to support, love and do all I could to ease any burden he had.  In all that time we were allowing our daughters to shoulder their own portion of the burden and they did without  ever complaining.  A few months later after the last bout with cancer, Bob needed another surgery for a complete shoulder replacement, and so we went through another surgery, hospitalization and physical therapy.  Now to be totally honest and upfront, I have been dealing with anxiety and depression from all the worry.  I am an Olympic class worrier I could get the gold in every single worry related event.  There have been so many more normal life crisis that have taken place over the year, things that without the life threatening crisis could have been handled without too many temper tantrums on my part.  One of the club yarn shipments went up in a fire on a UPS truck ,so it was late getting here and another in a mis-communication with the mill we ended up with the wrong yarn all together so I had to ship it back and wait to get the right yarn.  I could add more of the dramas but I am sure you understand what I mean.

I have spent the last few weeks deciding if Tempted should go on or if we should just throw in the towel and say it was fun while it lasted.  Like my beloved, never fearing, always moving forward husband I have decided to not be a quitter.  I am sure I will do another club but I do have to lay down a few rules for myself: (1) gotta have a limit, can’t be an everyone who wants in, is in (2) no year long clubs, 6 months at a time.   There will be a time of planning and making sure that we have everything as ready to go as possible just in case life throws us another curve.  Tempted has brought me and Bob so many friends, experiences, and joy i’m honestly not sure what I would do without it.  The fiber community is so amazing and the love, happiness and encouragement is worth taking the chances of not being able to revive Tempted.  For any club members that where disappointed let me say again how sorry I am for the delay in shipping, that was never something I wanted to happen and I hope you can accept my apology.

These clubs have been such a blessing, even though they are a lot of work they are also a reminder of all the great people in our world.  The members have been a source of joy and inspiration.  You have also been a reason to carry on with the day by day world when it seemed so overwhelming.  Not sure I ever mentioned that we canceled everything else that Tempted had on the books last year the only thing that got done was the clubs.  In hindsight, I think that the club helped me a lot more than I thought at the time.  Every single message and kind word meant and continues to mean so much and has kept me encouraged.

We truly hope that each club shipment brought a little love and happiness to you and we hope you will consider joining in again when the time comes.

Oh and I would love to clean out the shelves and the mojo back.  Coupon code MOJO get you 30% off anything in the shop till the end of March or till it’s all gone. :)

Thank you

Bob and Stacy


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