My take on the Yarn and Fiber clubs

I just wanted to share a little about what it is like to prepare a HUGE couple of clubs.

It all starts with finding a variety of yarns and fibers that will excite the creativity of a variety of fiber lovers.  As we all know not everyone loves the same fibers or yarns so lots of different blends and options on how to use them are a must.  Finding and pursuing the latest and greatest of design talent is a big deal too and that can be seriously intimidating to little ol’ me.   The yarns chosen have to excite them too and, since I assume they are bombarded with yarn and begged for their designs so often, I want to make sure they are happy and are willing to allow their name to be linked with Tempted.   I sure wouldn’t want to embarrass them.

Then comes the task of finding goodies, most of which are made by our fellow knitters.  Goodies that will be useful and of a value to you and not end up as clutter in your homes.   In my own life I have a million and one items that I thought were so cute and I “needed” them so bad at the time only to have them end up in the bottom of a drawer or thrown away during housecleaning, when I realized they were of no use to me and just taking up space.  I do really try to give you unique and useful items that will make you smile for months and years to come.

I couldn’t possibly have these clubs without the amazing cards designed by Beck Gusler.  The cards give me the opportunity to get to know all of you better and better.  Almost everyone in the clubs, yarn and fiber, post something on one of the social media sites and I have become an excellent cyber-stalker and I have really enjoyed getting to read about what is happening in each of your lives.  We have all had our ups and downs this year, births, deaths, illnesses, joyous events and heart breaking moments and I am very blessed to get to be a small part of so many amazing lives.

Because this year Bob and our family have sure had our fair share of illness and sadness, I realized just how incredible you all really are.  I once was told that you can’t be friends once money has been exchanged, at that point the relationship can only be customer and vendor, nothing more.  I think ever since I was told that I have been striving to prove it wrong and you have all proven it over the last 6 months with all the love, understanding and support you have shown.  Thank you so very, very much. Honestly thank you is just not sufficient a statement for how I feel about the way we have been supported.


It can be exciting, joyous, intimidating, invigorating and overwhelming but most of all it is a work of love and passion.  I have found some of the most amazing friends in the fiber world and the clubs have only made that group of amazing friends larger.  Some are from just down the road and some are from the other side of the world but no matter where you keep your wheel and needles, you all have a special place in my heart.

I just wanted to take to time to express how much each club member means to me and how grateful I am for all the understanding and patience you have shown during the past difficult months.


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