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Tempted is a partnership!!

Welcome Susan

I want to take a moment to introduce you all to Susan Rocklin, she is going to be my partner in yarn  and is going to be bringing her own unique creativity and knowledge to Tempted. Susan is an amazing spinner and attended the Master spinners course at Olds College in Alberta Canada.  She also [...]

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Sooooo This happened

Funny story, okay not so funny but when I imagine watching it happen it is pretty freaking funny.  Cartoons in my head play it out without the pain and injury though. My good friend and neighbor Cyndi has a cute little ball of energy named Bruce.  Bruce is really dynamite in a small but powerful [...]

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Update, yep you heard right there is an update.

Is anyone else wishing the next several weeks away so that we can get out of the sweltering heat and humidity and into the days of Pumpkin spice lattes and  lighting up the fire pits.  Over the last few weeks I have thought a lot about how much I love fall.  Football starts and that [...]

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Pamper Me Clubs

Hey everybody, Our family has been in a whirlwind for a few years mostly due to the evils of Cancer.  Most of you know that Bob (my sweet husband) was diagnosed with Colon Cancer early in 2013, he had surgeries and chemo and is in full remission!! Due to that, the clubs ended up running [...]

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Chemo for Kenny

I have a cause very dear to my heart. My Son-in-laws cancer treatment and want help him and his family beat this horrible disease. Lung Cancers ribbon color is clear or pearl so these skeins will be dyed to order or not at all if you want. Choose from Good Grrl, Feisty Grrl, Dream Grrl or Radiant Grrl 100% [...]

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  It has been a very busy few years and very few of the moments within these years had anything to do with Tempted. Two years ago my sweet but rotten husband had to deal with cancer again. He had a much more serious fight with cancer in 2001 and in comparison this one was [...]

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Pin-up Beauties Yarn and Fiber club comes to an end

What a long and crazy club (s) it has been. It has now been a year since my better half was diagnosed with colon cancer and we have a had a heck of a year.  I am not putting this out there to whine or complain but to explain.  I am not much for covering [...]

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My take on the Yarn and Fiber clubs

I just wanted to share a little about what it is like to prepare a HUGE couple of clubs. It all starts with finding a variety of yarns and fibers that will excite the creativity of a variety of fiber lovers.  As we all know not everyone loves the same fibers or yarns so lots [...]

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Amazing knitters!

Earlier this week we found out that Bob otherwise known as ‘temptedsman’ and my hero/husband has colon cancer.   We have been completely amazed and overwhelmed by all the love and support we have received from the knitting community.  I just want to let everyone know that we love you all and are so grateful [...]

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Playing with some new yarns.

One of the perks of being a yarn dyer is getting to play with the yarn before it goes out the door.  In the last couple of months I have been playing with 3 different new yarns.  2 DK wt and 1 Aran wt yarns and I like them all. I knit the Linney Cardigan [...]

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