About Tempted

I come from a long line of creative women, as a child I had ceramics and paints in my hands thanks to my mother and played under tents of quilts while my grandmother and aunts sat all around them with needle and thread. I was blessed with amazingly talented women who without intention exposed me to colors, textures, and yarns constantly and they encouraged and nurtured my love of fiber, fabric and color. I grew up in SE Oklahoma being raised in part by a grandmother who never had idle hands, till her dying day. She was an inspiration then and now, she allowed my brother, sister and I to sword fight with her knitting needles (as long as they were empty), play with her magical tin of odd buttons and make cloth dolls out of left over fabric. I never remember being bored at my grannies house as a child there was always something to make. The only thing she couldn’t teach me was how to crochet, I could make a chain that went on forever but beyond that I was totally inept. Years later at her 81st birthday, I did present her with the absolutely worse crocheted afghan ever, but I did make it.
I had for some reason thought that because I was so horrible at crochet that there would be no way I would be capable of knitting. One day about 9 years ago I came across a “Teach yourself to knit” kit, it came with an instruction book, needles and other notions and feeling very determined I took the book out and before too long I was knitting. I haven’t stopped since, I can’t go anywhere without yarn and needles anymore. Like a lot of the other knitters, it went from a hobby to an obsession.

Tempted began with myself (Stacy) and my oldest daughter (Amanda) in the spring of 2007. She had seen me knitting constantly for years and after watching for a while she wanted to try her hand at it. All I did was hand her a book and needles and off she went, no sitting down and watching just knitted immediately. She was about half way through her first pair of socks and decided to make a pair for a friend. I suggested that we dye the yarn and make it a little more personal, I had been to a few dyeing demos and had a working knowledge so this was just the opportunity I needed. I had been constantly searching for the perfect Red yarn with no success. Before long we were hooked, socks in all shades of the rainbow. Her youth and interest in all things Goth, punk, and well anything different gave way to some of our most popular colourways “Punk Junkie, Roxanne, and Wicked Witch” to name a few.

Like many young women her life was in transition and Amanda has moved on to Big City living. Amanda moved back to Tulsa and dyeing yarn just wasn’t something she could do any longer.

I, on the other hand, am physically unable to maintain a “normal” job and have been since 2001. I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), which I started showing symptoms of in my teenage years, and am frequently unable to physically work on some days, needing more rest than most people do. Bob and I discussed the matter and decided that I would continue the business (with his help) as long as I was able to and as long as I do not over do it and exhaust myself. This is a business that I love, which allows me meet wonderful liked-minded people and feel like I am a productive member of society.

Bob does the heavy lifting, re-skeining, delivery and odd-jobs that come up in this business. I come up with the colorways, dye the yarn, make the contacts, do the PR work and strive to keep the “Tempted” name in the public eye.
Tempted has grown to be bigger than I had ever thought was possible and, although my physical limitations will not allow us to have it grow much bigger, I am so very proud, honored and humbled at the wonderful response we have received from knitters and spinners worldwide.